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SOME PEOPLE HAVE ASKED ABOUT THE MEANING OF MGAMATEUR: SO HERE IT IS, first, MG are the initials on my name, Amateur stands for the opportunity given to women wanting to break into the modeling world that others will not give them. By displaying their images and contact information and guarantying the models a spot in a Calendar been published they are been exposed to the public and possible work in the modeling world. They are guaranteed a spot from images they already have or take on their own. The women have the rights to every image taken from the shoot and make a final decision as to what images are used on their Calendar Month. This project is managed by a Photographer with over 15 years of professional experience in the Los Angeles, CA area.

2012 Calendar featured Woman from Toronto – Ontario, Arizona - Tucson, California - San Francisco, Stockton, Riverside, Illinois - Bloomington, Maryland - Baltimore, Missouri - Oakville, North Carolina - Hope Mills, Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Texas - Arlington, Dallas

2015 Calendar will be featuring Woman from the following places: Fort Wayne, IN, Okemos, MI, Seattle, WA, Methuen, MA, Valdosta, GA, Carmen, Bohol, Houston, TX, Tuskegee, AL, Austin, TX, Bamberg, Germany, Boston, MA, Montgomery, AL

Thank you for looking at my Web Site. At this time I’m working on 3 Main Projects.

1. My 2015 Calendar. I still have a 1 spots left in my 2015 Calendar and this one is a Theme Shoot already planed out. So if you would like to be a part of it before it get’s all filled up please contract me.

2. My Magazine has 186 pages of pictures of Gorgeous Women. At this time I have space for 26 Women and each member will have 7 pages of their own images that they chose for each page. So this Magazine will be like no other without ads or articles you could say that My Magazine is really a catalog of models since its just images of Gorgeous Women page by page with their contact information.

3. My Super Hero & Villain Body Painting Shoot. I’m a Comic Book fan and I love events like Comic-Con or other events where people dress up like their favorite Super Hero. My dream is to have some day have a publishing company doing this. Having women in their birth suits totally painted to look like Comic Book Characters and shot on location to make it look more real then any computer editing can be.

If you are reading this and you’ll liked to be part of it in any way as model, costume designer, make up or hair tech, touch up tech or if you have ideas that you feel would benefit this project at the same time that could help you get notice and get work in your field of expertise, please contract me ASAP maybe we can work out some arrangement. So far My 2012 & 2015 Calendars already have members from around the world, it’s traveled more then I ever dreamed of and I am not going to stop till this is popular Global. So if you want to start a career in the modeling world, jump on this now before it’s too late. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I am a Professional Photographer that has been published and I have My 2012 Calendar all over the USA. If you chose not be part of My Projects but are looking to hire a photographer to put together your portfolio, please contact me for my rates. You can sure you that you will love my work and my rates are fair and I give you the best images you can ever get from anyone you shoot with. Your Images back in a reasonable time. Photographer Rate for Private Portfolio . . . Full Day shoot $3200.00 (8 to 12 hrs day shoot) This is includes My Time, Expertise and Equipment (images not included) Separate Rate for Images . . . The Entire Session on DVD Raw Quality (14.mb) = $ High Quality (4.50mb)= $ Large Quality (850mb)= $ Medium Quality (410mb) = $ Small Quality (82.kb) = $ The Women that are part of My Calendar & Magazine get all this for FREE and will get all the images from the shoot after the Magazine has gone to print. Note: All photos in my profile are copy written and using them without permission may result in fines of up to $100,000.00 U.S., plus all associated court & attorney fees.